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The New York Times recently completed a yearlong study to determine the future of its newsroom, and among the findings was “an urgent call for more visual journalism.” They’ve even decided that in some cases visual experts should take the lead on stories, with print reporters playing a secondary role.

Erik Bure mural
Mural at Harriet Tubman School (PS 154), Harlem, for RoseComm client “Not A Crime.” Artist: Erik Bure; Reno, Nevada

Whether for a news organization or a brand, storytelling increasingly is a visual art; it’s a reality that only promises to broaden as technology expands and attention spans narrow. While the agency prides itself on our writing ability, the need for quality, engaging visual storytelling is something we work hard to address on behalf of our clients. We’ve built great relationships with video and infographic partners, and often — particularly with still photography — we’re able to keep the work in house, saving clients time and money.

I spent two decades practicing multimedia journalism for Bloomberg News prior to joining RoseComm, illustrating my writing with my own photography and video. My work, both print and visual, often found its way into some of the world’s biggest newspapers. To follow are ways we’ve helped clients tell their story visually.

Drone photography/videography:
Sometimes, showing a client’s world or project from a fresh angle is just what’s needed to draw interest, and the proliferation of drones has made that much more inexpensive than it previously was. So while I’m no helicopter pilot, I am a licensed commercial drone pilot, allowing RoseComm to capture amazing aerial photography for our clients. Below is an example of how we recently helped a new restaurant demonstrate the beauty of their New Jersey food providers.

Let’s talk about how we can take a unique angle to tell people about your brand.

Still photography:
Whether for social media posts, newsletters or websites, the need for high-quality photography pops up just about every week among our clients, and stock photos and iPhone images often don’t do the trick. Here are a few examples of some of the photography I’ve shot for RoseComm:

chef retouched smalljennifer










shanbehzadeh 6


bittar7 small

Chocolate on the Rye 5 (1)


Press Uncuffed Bracelets


Franco "The Great" Mural
Mural at 2288 Frederick Douglass Blvd, Harlem, for RoseComm client “Not A Crime.” Artist: Franco “The Great,” Harlem


Need photography to promote your business, or the unique perspective that drone footage can provide? Let’s turn storytelling into story showing, helping to put your brand in the spotlight.



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